We promote our community content creators and streamers. Whether it's through advertising, custom products, donations or giveaways we help our members to be successful.   If you're interested in creating content around gaming or Ashes of Creation then we will help you accomplish your goals. 

        Ember is one of the most exciting and friendly guilds to be in... Being a part of Ember isn't like being a part of just another guild but rather as a gaming family. 

As we say in Ember: "May our flames be unyielding and our shields never falter."  -NightSongGr


As a guild we are focused on being the best in-game at every aspect of game-play.  To ensure we accomplish our goals we have weekly scheduled raid teams, dungeon runs, and organized PVP (arena and open world).  Alongside this we plan to dominate the economy with aggressive trading, and market control of resources.  

        The leadership is great and is always coming up with new things to do like game nights in order to build up the guild as a close knit family. Regardless of the game you are trying to play, there is always someone there to help you along the way to game and chat with. Welcome to Ember! -Acemonsta  


We believe in a merit and activity based point system to help reward our members with both in-game loot and out of game swag.  Through discord bots, and spread sheets we keep track of daily interactions as well as participation in guild events among other things.  If you want to succeed, being active and involved, will be rewarded. 

        Ember has been a great place to hang out, chat, game, and meet some new people. Everyone here has been great. The community is by far the best of any guild I've been a member of. We have groups running D&D nights, MMO's, FPS, RTS and anything else you might be into. I've been having a great time with this guild, and it is only continuing to grow! -Langatang


We hold scheduled movie and game nights for our members to enjoy time together.  This also includes monthly tournaments and D&D campaigns!  It is important for us as a community to foster an awesome environment for our members to thrive in. 

         I'm apart of this amazing AoC Family within only an hour of joining the discord. These guys are very organized and they all help out one another not just in game they help with any kind of question that you might have. So what I'm trying to say here is this is definitely a good family that I think you should all want to be apart of! -Cypher


Through Discord we have built an amazing and active community both in and out of voice chat.  Our emphasis has been on rewarding those who participate in the guild and interact with others.  This has allowed us to build one of the most active guilds in the Ashes community with members online throughout the day. 

        Ember has been the first guild in ages to feel like home! They are a great group of people that I have the pleasure of knowing!!!  -Rain

©2018 by Ember. 

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