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Our expectation is that every member follow the Golden Rule while within the guild and in the community.  That you should treat each person you encounter with the respect they deserve just as you would expect in return.  

Whether it is helping a fellow guild mate with a gathering quest, fighting through an intense raid or leading the charge into battle.  We expect our members to always do their best to help their fellow guild members when they are in need. 

We are a guild built around self improvement and the pursuit of excellence.  In that goal we expect each member to continuously learn, practice and better themselves.  We choose to live life uncomfortably so that in the end we will always out work and out compete anyone else in the community. 

Every member has a voice in Ember!  We encourage each of you to give honest and sincere feedback to those in leadership so we can better improve our guild for you.  With that those of us in adviser roles, officer positions or even the GM will do our best to include you in everything going on within our home. 

Member Guidelines

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