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Ember is a community of like-minded gamers focused on being a top guild in the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. It’s our goal to offer our community members a place that they can enable themselves to be the best in and out of game. We are a community that does whatever we can to look out for each other, we aim to make Ember not just a guild but a home. We ask in return that you would be active and engaged; we want each of our members to be involved within Ember.

At Ember it is our aim to dominate all aspects of the game. Ashes of Creation is a game where every aspect is going to be as important as the next and we want to be the best at all of it. So whether you’re a crafter, a raider or you love to engage in serious PvP, we have a place for you here. Since our inception it’s been our priority at Ember to offer our members something unique, we don’t want to be just another face in the crowd of guilds. With that in mind we’ve gathered a core of members who have a drive and a passion for content creation.


Whether we’re talking about our dedicated Twitch streamers, or our content production for platforms like YouTube, we plan to separate ourselves from the herd using our creativity and dedication to Ashes of Creation. We are aiming to give our members a platform to utilize their personality and individuality if they choose to. With bi-weekly movie and game nights to give our members a chance to interact with each other we’re constantly looking to evolve our content to make Ember the best choice for anybody seeking a home for Ashes of Creation. We look forward to speaking with anyone that decides to reach out, please, come grow with us! Bring your uniqueness and creativity to a guild that aims to recognize individuality and prevent you from becoming just another name on a guild roster!

Guild Culture

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