Guild Loyalty

July 27, 2018



       This is an account of one gamer's opinions about when and where the loyalty to guilds in MMOs was lost. There is no definitive day in history when the guild became a side note in modern MMOs, however I believe that the blame lies with both the gamers and the developers. 
        For myself it began after three years of playing World of Warcraft. I was in a great guild with hundreds of active players. Everything was awesome during those years and those in the guild were proud and loyal to our cause. There was never a time when someone asked for help in guild chat and they did not get an overwhelming amount of support. If someone was getting ganked and camped while trying to quest there was no need to report the player and whine to the developer. The guild would take up arms and protect them. It was that sense of community and taking care of your own that created such an amazing gaming experience. So where did it all go wrong? There seems to have been a very slow progression of leadership and long time players that were very loyal to the guild leaving the game entirely and the numbers slowly being replaced by gamers with no loyalty or sense of community. New guildmates would come and go on a daily basis, leaving if they did not immediately gain something out of being there. Almost as if the concept of long term team building and playing with the same people day after day no longer seemed necessary or desired. Why did these new guildmates not want to be part of something bigger than themselves? Why were they no longer willing to put in time or effort to build a community that would help them in the long run? Have we become so self absorbed and used to immediate gratification that there is no willingness to put any time or effort into the games we play?

         Laziness and greed have infested the industry. The games have progressed in a way that made solo gameplay easier and more convenient so more players would be likely to pay the monthly subscription. Gamers were no longer required to be very social or even need assistance from other players making it less likely for communities to thrive. Is this not the very reason to play MMOs? Is there any other reason to play with thousands of other gamers on a server if there is no need to interact with those other players?  The lack of loyalty to the guilds I have been a part of throughout the years has poisoned and destroyed them. The desire of modern gamers to be able to log into a game and immediately be level 1000 with no effort has steered the developers to make games that are pay to win and easy to navigate. 
         So is there any hope? Can I reach gaming Valhalla as I once had in vanilla WoW? The hope for the future of MMOs has two sides. The first is that there needs to be an MMO that understands the failures of the current industry and developed with group content in mind that is challenging all the while never allowing the money to determine its path and never allowing pay to win concepts. I believe Ashes of Creation has the potential to fulfill this roll. The second is a guild with good leadership that can inspire loyalty among a generation of gamers that have nearly forgotten what loyalty and community means. I believe Ember can be that guild because it has the resolve to cut out the poison and create a core of loyal gamers who are not purely self motivated. A core of loyal guildmates that understand the importance of community and the benefit of working together towards a common goal. 
    In conclusion; get off your butts, Stop pandering to developers who cheapen your achivements by allowing gamers to buy their way to the top, and most important of all, find a guild and stick with it.    

~See you soon Verra

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