September News Letter

October 7, 2018


New Members Welcome

As we continue to grow as a guild we want each of our new members to become part of this amazing family we call Ember!  It is beyond important to us that each of our new members find themselves a home here with us. We will be personally welcoming each member who joined us during the last 30 days at our guild meeting held on the first Sunday of each month.  Also if you are new please feel welcomed to jump in with us for games, game/movie nights or if you see us just chilling in voice chat. We’ve built this community to be a family for many of our members and we want to welcome you to join that.   

What is new?

- Alpha 1 Phase 1 officially launches!

Alpha 1 Stress Tests began this month, to the great rejoicing of over 50 members of the guild. The first phase only had about 250 people in it, and yet, Ember still had people in it. We have undergone two more tests, each with increasing representation from our guild. Several members have even gotten first place victories in their matches. These stress tests will continue until October 5th, by which time everyone with Alpha 1 access should be involved. By the end of October, Intrepid will open up this first phase of Alpha 1 to everyone who is registered on their website. So, if you haven’t already, make sure that you sign up on

- Elected Representatives

This month we have added several guild representatives. Welcome Nightsong and ZoomDBZ to these positions. These members have embraced their new role by already reaching out to guildies to find out what each guild member thinks about the guild, if they are happy, and what questions they may have. Guild members will be divided amongst the representatives alphabetically by first name, but feel free to contact any of these three to express any concerns or just to thank them for their actions on our behalf. That way you don’t have to go changing your name just to fall under your favorite representative (looking at you, Zed).

- New Officers Chosen

Congratulations to Elfystone, Cypher, and Sterling our three new officers. They have each earned this rank over the last month by showing dedication and leadership. Each of them have shown themselves to be available to help anyone who needs it.

Elfystone has been invaluable in helping those who have had technical problems, especially through these first few Alpha Stress Test phases. In addition, he will find the answer to most any question guild members can come up with. Do not take that as an invitation to try to stump him, however.  :)

Cypher has been the leader in getting D&D sessions rolling at least once a week, often more, as well as helping people figure out what they want from their characters. He also has provided us with endless selfies. But don’t be fooled, selfies are NOT the avenue to officership!

Sterling has helped immensely with various projects from the inception of the guild until now and has allowed us to dedicate a full time position to our social media outreach.  He is always available to those who need the help.

Thanks to both Elfystone, Cypher and Sterling for their hard work, and we look forward to seeing where they will help the guild in the future.

- We officially hit 150 members!

We have now officially hit 150 members with more arriving almost every day. Good work for those of you who have been promoting Ember in Ashes forums and discord! Please continue to bump our guild forum post by adding in your own experiences. You never know when what you say will lead someone to check us out. One newbie even stated that he found out about us through a comment on a Youtube music video. (Hear that, Kat?) Also, thanks to everyone who has been so welcoming in the lobby. Keep it up!

- Alliance discord

Ember now belongs to an Alliance in Ashes. Sinbad has known the leaders of both Mythic, a hardcore raiding guild led by Gundel, and Hands of Fate, a semi hardcore PvX guild led by Aggelos, for quite a while now, and he feels that our success in game will be greatly enhanced by working in a partnership with these two guilds. And no, it is not too early to be building those sorts of relationships. In fact, now is the perfect time to be making friends and building the kind of networking between the guilds that will best serve Ember once in game. So, please, not only join the Alliance discord, but actively participate there to start cementing these ties of friendship.


by Medieval Miss


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