October News Letter

November 2, 2018


The Ashen Chronicles


New Members Welcome

As we continue to grow as a guild we want each of our new members to become part of this amazing family we call Ember!  It is beyond important to us that each of our new members find themselves a home here with us. We will be personally welcoming each member who joined us during the last 30 days at our guild meeting held on the first Sunday of each month.  Also if you are new please feel welcomed to jump in with us for games, game/movie nights or if you see us just chilling in voice chat. We’ve built this community to be a family for many of our members and we want to welcome you to join that.  


What is new?

- Battle Royale: The Reception of Alpha 1
Recently there has been a lot of concern among content creators about how less informed potential players, when the NDA drops, will see a Battle Royale instead of an MMO. All said and done, the Battle Royale footage for Alpha 1 was received quite well. The streamers / content creators did an exceptional job of reminding those watching their content that the Alpha 1 Battle Royale was set up for testing action combat alone and is not the focus of the game. Thanks go out to all who helped to prevent the confusion.


In regards to combat, the focus of this testing phase, there were some balancing issues, and some mechanics were rather clunky. Steven himself spent a good portion of his time participating in the Alpha, so we can expect the combat to drastically improve before this phase of Alpha 1 is opened to registered users. If you haven’t already, ensure that you’ve signed up on AOC’s website, https://www.ashesofcreation.com/register/, to participate in the phase!

- Squad Play and Tactics
Danny and Kinetic have worked up a great document on squad play and tactics in the Battle Royale. The full details will be available later, but here is just a summary of what they have created.

Not only does this document explain how to land safely, but it details thirteen different landing locations, including what density of loot and buildings to expect, and whether that location is relatively safe or not.

This guide also discusses important tips for weapon accuracy, such as there is no gravity drop for ranged weapons, swing speed varies based on melee weapons, lunge attacks and striking distances also vary by weapon, dodge roll is better than jumping, and the different benefits of each ranged weapon. It is also important to know that rarity of a weapon increases damage for both melee and ranged, plus it increases ranged accuracy.


Finally, Danny and Kinetic impart some important points for solo and squad tactics in the Battle Royale. When in a squad, make sure to stay close but out of fireball range of each other. Alternatively, you could split into duos to outflank enemies and attack them from two fronts. If you can let other teams fight each other, it just weakens them for your squad. But make sure you don’t get caught in a ranged battle that extends too long, as you can get pinched. If you are inexperienced, you might team up with better players to learn some tips and moves from them.


Once we get into the live Ashes game, we will be implementing further squad tactics. Squads will consist of 5 to 8 people, with one squad leader who will be calling the shots and coordinating with the overall leader. No one else should talk, unless they are calling out enemies or needs, but never over the squad leader. Those squads will contain the typical trinity of tank, dps, and healer, plus a range dps with dot damage, and flankers that can get behind the enemy.

Much more will be decided upon and released later. This is just to give you a little taste of what’s to come. Remember, if you are new to the Battle Royale mode, just message the leadership for help getting trained up.

- Halloween Livestream Recap


Steven, Jeff, and Peter hosted a twitch livestream for the community on Halloween this past week. A lot of good information came out of this stream, and so we are giving you a short summary here for those who were not able to watch it.

Besides showing the six new cosmetics that become available on November 2nd, Steven also announced that they had achieved server frame rates of up to 55 fps in the last test. In addition, over 40,000 people are signed up to participate in both the alphas and the betas already.

Alpha 1, Phase 1, will no longer be called that, but instead will be Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse to mitigate any confusion that this is what the final game will look like. The concept is that Apocalypse is a precursor to Ashes, allowing you to play as your ancestors who didn’t get out in time and are fighting to the death to escape the corruption. Apocalypse will include the Battle Royale mode, the castle siege mode, and the horde mode, all of which will be moved to an arena and be free for anyone to play.

Eventually, players will be able to progress, do quests, and gain achievements and rewards through Apocalypse. These rewards could include cosmetics, mounts, weapons variants, housing items, etc., to all who test this part. Steven even said that character creation would become available later, and that any character created and saved in Apocalypse could be ported to the actual live Ashes in the future. The lobby will eventually become your house, which you will be able to decorate with furnishings, etc. Steven also confirmed that the sandal does exist, and there will be prizes and achievements for finding it.

In November, they will be moving towards keeping the Battle Royale up 24/7. There is no definite timeframe, though. It could be 2 weeks, or even as long as 3-4 weeks. Steven did say that overall they are ahead of schedule, and the before 2020 release date is still likely. He explained that betas would be short, not months long, and just used for final polishing. However, the game must hit their quality standards, or they will push the date back.

Ships will be able to be named, as well as buildings, mounts, mules, and pets. The ships will also be targetable, as will buildings, and when you target them, you will see their name. Another detail Steven revealed about ships was that there would be in-depth sailing required based on the size of the ship. The larger the ship, the more players with specific skills will be needed to sail it.

A new website is coming soon with new blogs, including the much awaited continuation of the node blogs. One point mentioned about the nodes is that as nodes advance, they will unlock different buildings based on the node type with different quests. For example, a military node would have a barracks, where players could go to train in combat abilities.

Finally, the devs announced the winners of the Halloween contest. To none of Ember’s surprise, the Costume Grand Supreme Winner was our very own Ravnodaus! You  can see a picture of his costume below. Congratulations to you, Rav! We are all very proud of you.




- New Elected Representatives - A “Little” Introduction

Zoom: I’m so eager to express an elegant echelon of emotionally eloquent lexicon that my fast fingers form a furious flurry of rapid fire foozle. I like to read, drink tea, and eat sweets. I’m intelligent and prefer the comforts of the library over people. Maybe I would be deemed anti-social by most, but the fact is simply it is hard to relate with those not from similar circumstances.

I write to cope with being raised in obscurity by an expatriate Chinese woman and an incurable curmudgeon. I inadvertently acquired a degree in Higher Learning in an effort to escape small town life, but only found solace in RPGs. I’ve traveled the historic cities of Azeroth, Greyhawk, and the Redmond Barrens subsisting entirely on pizza. I tend to ponder big questions like the meaning of life rather than the smaller matters like what I should have for dinner. Reality is just a soup of possibilities which are directly influenced by observation; it is the paint on the canvas of consciousness.

Our current epoch in history is dominated by the drive to reason, to objectify and to quantify, but at what cost? My search is spawned from the question: What are the Limits of Rationalist Epistemology and can they be Transcended? I trace the history of Western rational thought from Bacon to romanticism, psychoanalysis, post-structuralism, existentialism, Stoicism, Esoteric Gnosticism and collide it with Zen Buddhism, The Tao, and the Indian tradition of Tantra

I focus specifically on Jungian philosophy and practice, hoping to inspire others to do the same in the hope that we may all be liberated from the chains of this consumer hungry, identity driven, me-me-me modernity. My greatest passion is telling stories, utilizing words to create connections and transcend the limits our society places around us in the form of our patriarchal, individualistic ideology we call the American way. Poetry is my weapon of choice, my words are my armor and my battle is to make my voice into one that resonates with the struggle to exist and the beauty of living.


Ravnodaus: Hi, I’m Ravnodaus, but most call me just Rav. I've been a gamer since I can remember. Growing up I played the first Final Fantasy when it came out, the first Warcraft, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Magic: The Gathering was something I had preordered Edition One.


Later, I got lost in World of Warcraft when it came out and played it almost 16 hours a day for over a year. I had been in a bad accident, and couldn't walk consistently or well. I got really good at the game though, lol. I was in a server 1st raiding guild. I played a lot and had alts of every class. It was my retreat from the reality of being crippled.


But as physical therapy and time for healing got me well again, I pulled back again to a more sustainable gaming level of like 4 hours a day. After a while, I moved on to other games but never quite found one I could stick with. I've played, or at least sampled, every major (and many obscure) MMO and RPG. Nothing has ever gotten me as excited as Ashes has.

Professionally, I'm a bunch of things. I started off by by enlisting into the Air Force for 6 years. I worked on F16s, A-10s and C-130s. I did electrical and environmental systems controls. College came after getting out. Nowadays, I work in the pharmaceutical industry and maintain controlled environments and systems. I specialize in equipment automation. And in water purification. And... in regulatory compliance.

My non-gaming hobbies change over time but always center around artistic expression: drawing, painting, digital art, 3d rendering. Lately, it has been video editing and special effects. I've been with Ember since September 8th. I first heard of AoC on Sep 6th from one of Ziz's videos. I wish I had heard of the game during the KS or summer backer periods, so I could have A1 access, but A2 from the store will suffice. Still, I'm grateful they've pulled us into the testing at least a little. I'm just super excited for the game and to explore it with all of Ember.


Rajuta: My name is Rajuta, and I’ve been tracking Ashes since December 2016. When I first heard about it, I was intrigued, and I got a chance to support the team with a Braver of Worlds backer package.


I’ve enjoyed lots of games over the years, from Eve Online to League of Legends. You will most likely see me playing some sort of tactical support, but who knows right?

In real life, you can find me just east of Tucson, Arizona, spending most of my time selling stuff and hanging with my little girl. If I’m not doing either of those, I will probably be online, and I promise you, if you play some games with me, you will have a great time, although that may not necessarily mean winning...


One warning, I call everyone in Ember my friend, so be nice or you will find out I’m most ferocious when I'm protecting my own… Stay fiery, my friends!


Danny: Hello my name is Danny, or God of PvP for short. Ashes will be my first mmo (unless you include runescape), and I'm excited to vanquish all foes that oppose me. I've got a MOBA/FPS background playing and streaming games like Heroes of Newerth, and CS:GO.


I'm a college student who is trying to become a full-time streamer. I got lucky and was accepted into the official AoC Content Creator group, so anytime Ashes servers are up, I'm streaming!

You can find me in the great white north, and/or Arizona! Oh! And I almost forgot, I'm a preteen.


Kumary: I joined Ember on September 18th, and it has been a great experience. I first found out about Ashes of Creation around a year ago (if not mistaken April 2017), because I saw a video of Lazy Peon on my recommended videos to watch. I have been following AoC ever since, and it’s been quite a ride. Believe it or not, I stepped back on my interest the first time I saw the videos in PAX (I did not like at all the combat system. Thankfully, I would come back to check out the new things here and there, but watching their most recent combat system in Battle Royale mode was what made me decide to follow it again and one day decide to join a guild. I am glad I chose Ember.


My 1st MMO was Silkroad Online (which I played for maaaany years). After that, I tried Rohan and then completely set those aside when Aion came out. I played Aion for a few years, then after that made my way to play Tera, GW2, Archeage, Black Desert, Blade and Soul, Conan Exiles…etc.

Lately, I have been playing random games casually, which at the moment has been Smite. The good thing about Smite is I don’t have to worry about leveling, just enter and get my daily dose of PvP and have fun! Special thanks go to HangryHobo for usually playing Smite with me and for us having some great interesting games…wins and losses, but mainly wins! Also a special shout out to my Powerpuff Girls: Lumistine and Medieval Miss!

A little more about me…My hobbies, besides games, are working on anything creative from Photoshop, video editing, special effects, event planning, and, yes, even creating GIFS, LOL.


I like to help out with creative things in the guild, and I am grateful to the leaders of Ember that have allowed me to be part of the Newsletter and to all of you that voted for me to become a Representative. I will do my best to not let you guys down! I wish we could just fast forward to the end of 2019-2020 to play AoC already!!!



Saddi: Hey guys, I'm Saddi. I've been with Sinbad through 3 different guilds, and I am loyal to my guild family. I love our guild and all my brothers and sisters. You all keep me going.


I'm a backer at the $400 level of the kickstarter. I've loved the idea of this game since day one. I'm looking forward to destroying our enemies: mind, body, and spirit. I love crafting, gathering, farming, and economics of games, so this was perfect.


If anyone has any questions about me, or if they have any comments, concerns, or don't feel like they're being heard... feel encouraged to message me. I'll take care of you. You're my family... and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be in your lives and to represent you.


Medieval Miss: As most of you already know, I’m from Texas and proud of it! I love this state, this weather, and having a pool in my backyard. I’m pretty college football crazy, and I will support my Texas Aggies to the end, whatever that might be.


The only other MMOs I have played are Neverwinter and ESO. I made friends in Neverwinter, and we all moved together to ESO, where we formed the guild Cor Leonis, with the concept of friends and family first. I eventually became guild leader there. Now, we are moving to Ashes of Creation, and I hope all those friends will be following me to Ember.

I joined Ember at the beginning of September, right after upgrading my Kickstarter package to Braver of Worlds. My friend, Marenor, and I were looking at guilds with the idea of finding one that fit our idea of friends and family, similar to Cor Leonis, but one that still wanted to excel in all aspects of the game. We actually didn’t plan to join one quite so soon, but Ember drew us in. We signed up after about two weeks of chatting in the lobby and in voice, so we could be a part of all the awesome people here from the beginning.

ran for representative because I wanted to support Ember and all the people in it. If you ever need anything that I can possibly help you with, or if you have any concerns about something going on in the guild, please let me know, and I will do my best to solve the problem. Thanks to all of you for giving me this opportunity!



- Where in the World are Ember Members?




-Guild Meetup in Nashville!



We are going to have a Guild meetup in Nashville, TN next year!

Date: September - October 2019 •Weekend• (exact date TBD)

NOTE:  Hotel information with pricing and activities will also be provided closer to the date.

We have MANY new members that have joined the Ember Family, so, if you haven’t already, please fill out the attached form. Filling out this form will help us put this meetup together in advance and know what to aim for.

We currently have ►13 Members Confirmed!◄

Please fill out this link whether or not you can make it:





- Got Amazon Prime?
Our guild is chock full of media creators. For those unaware, we have dozens of twitch streamers, just as many YouTubers, a podcast, this newsletter, and even Ember merchandise. If you pop into the #twitch_streamers channel in discord, that where you’ll find a list of our current content creators.


Streamers spend some hefty money on things like microphones, a well-built computer, and the upload speeds to stream with. Twitch lets you “subscribe”, like a service, and you can donate money to these streamers monthly. Not too long ago, Twitch Prime started, allowing your already existing Amazon Prime membership to translate into an additional $5/month subscription to your favorite streamer. You can follow Twitch’s guide to the brief setup for Twitch Prime, https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2572060-twitch-prime-guide , and support the guild’s streamers.

For those curious about starting your own stream, you can grab “OBS Stream Labs”, https://streamlabs.com/streamlabs-obs, and run through the wizard to set up your stream. Stream labs comes with prebuilt themes, tools, and tweaks for your stream. Then just set your game capture to whatever game you intend to stream, and off you go. We volunteer @-E-Cypher if you have any questions.



- Alliance Partner Introduction - Gundel
Gundel is the guild master of Mythic, one of the two guilds in the Alliance with Ember. He has been playing MMO’s since he was 12 years old. By 14 years old, he was participating in world first raiding. In MMO’s, Gundel’s favorite activities are PvPing and raiding, and he excels in both.


Gundel ‘s world firsts were taken in Everquest, Everquest 2, and Wildstar, and he served as an officer in multiple Everquest guilds, including Onyx, Darkhand, and Kraken. As a Ranger/Brigand, Gundel carried the Overseer title for PvP in Everquest 2. In time, he got more involved in raids, leading the second tier raid forces in the top raid guilds on the server: Purity, Onyx, and Darkhand. On the Deathtoll server, Gundel’s guild, Darkhand, was the first to take down each raid.

In WoW, Gundel joined Limit back before WOLTK, one of the top raiding guilds in the game, and there, he achieved server firsts in many of WoW’s raids. In multiple seasons of WoW, Gundel was also one of the top PvP scorers on rogue and DK in 2v2, and on rogue in 3v3.

All of this experience has given Gundel the knowledge needed to run a top end guild. He is a passionate guild leader who believes that Mythic will use their Three Pillar System to achieve great things as they progress through Ashes. Every Mythic member has agreed to uphold this Three Pillar System of raiding, crafting, and PvPing by actively participating in each of the pillars. Even crafters and PvPers are expected to join raid teams, though not necessarily the top levels.

Mythic is a hardcore guild whose members will play an average of 7-8 hours a day. Their main focus will be world first raiding. As such, 65% of their members right now have world first raid experience from multiple games, including SWTOR, Wildstar, WoW, Everquest, and Everquest 2. Others have been server first raiders, though a few are new raiders who are willing to learn and listen as guild leaders make calls. Through their Three Pillar System, Mythic plans to have a heavy influence in PvP and crafting, but their primary goal is world first raiding dominance.

With members from EU, New Zealand, Britain, and other places outside of NA, Mythic will have people playing around the clock. All of their members are very encouraged to participate in the

Alliance and to get to know the members of Ember and Hand of Fate. This way, any Alliance members should be able to play with Mythic even if they are on during odd shifts. So, join in the Alliance discord and get to know our future teammates!


- Minecraft: Feeling immature again?
This month we took apart Cypher's Minecraft server and built a new one. We've got a whole load of features for you to play. Let’s get into it.

For those who haven't participated yet, although the server is still survival, we've added custom dungeons and dungeon bosses. These dungeon bosses drop loot and often require a group of people to take down. There are currently five dungeons, all having their own bosses and some non-vanilla mobs inside.

Enchanting isn't limited to the base values anymore, allowing for really crazy items. We've got custom items granting speed boosts, extra health, extra attack speed, and more.

We've got jobs that players can work on to earn money, and a chest shop plugin for players to buy and sell from each other.


If you are interested in joining us, hop in Minecraft (1.13.1) and join "Ember.mcserv.me".

Special thanks out to everyone who has been working on putting together the server for the last weeks, Payer of the bills: (donations welcome)Cypher; Server development: Skaring, TbhJulian, MISG; Dungeon Construction: Darckwar, TbhJulian, MISG, Heru, Hypo, Skaring; and Testers: Heru, Pteric, Danny, MISG, Darckwar, TbhJulian, Hypo, Cypher, and Skaring.


Guild Competitions

- Dad Joke Competition
On October 21st, Ember had its first Dad Joke Competition. Eight people participated: Tort, Rajuta, Bluefawx, DerRoc, Pteric, HangryHobo, Skaring, and Sinbad. The jokes were great and kept everyone laughing and even gasping at some that probably crossed the line. Rajuta, who amazingly wrote most of his own jokes and hit on lots of popular topics, battled Pteric in the final round. By a close vote of 13-11, Rajuta defeated Pteric and emerged as the Ember Dad Joke Champion…at least for now. Many thanks to Tort for setting up such an enjoyable event!




- Pumpkin Carving Competition
The votes are in and we have a winner!We had 8 people participate in this competition: Katyrina, Morrigana, Lumistine, Elfystone, Sinbad, Rajuta, DerRoc, and Mehdi. Thanks to all of you for sending in the pictures of your awesome creations. However, there could only be one winner of the $25 Steam giftcard and that winner is DerRoc, carver of the amazing pumpkin you see below. Congratulations, DerRoc!




By: Medieval Miss, Kumary and Skaring.





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