December News Letter!

December 12, 2018


New Members Welcome

As we continue to grow as a guild we want each of our new members to become part of this amazing family we call Ember!  It is beyond important to us that each of our new members find themselves a home here with us. We will be personally welcoming each member who joined us during the last 30 days at our guild meeting held on the first Sunday of each month.  Also if you are new please feel welcome to jump in with us for games, game/movie nights, or if you see us just chilling in voice chat. We’ve built this community to be a family for many of our members, and we want to welcome you to join that.



What is New?
-News Highlights Video


- Your Representatives - Your Voice

Remember that we will have a new representative election at the end of December. Make sure to fill out an application if you are interested. You must be off of your trial period to run for representative.


These positions are some of the most important in the guild because they are the direct link between the officer corps and the membership. The representatives are the voice of the members in leadership.



- Sign Up for Squad Leader

We are already taking applications for squad leaders in the Apocalypse release. Apocalypse will be open to everyone December 18th, and we want to be ready. If you have experience leading PvP, and you are interested in leading some squads for Ember in Apocalypse, please sign up as soon as possible. The corruption is upon us!


- Ornament Contest!

We are holding an ornament contest this month! Our members are so creative, and we are looking forward to seeing the amazing ornaments you design and create! Get started now, then you can hang your ornament on your tree to enjoy for the rest of the holidays. You are welcome to send us a picture of the ornament hanging on your tree, but make sure that we can all see it clearly. Merry ornaments to you!


- Our Alliance Partners

I am Aggelos, founder of The Dungeon Crawler Network, a podcast network we started back in January 1st 2014 as a company, for our first show, Tales of Tamriel, a podcast dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online. We brought in our World of Warcraft guild, Hands of Fate, which was started back near the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, back in 2010. Hands of Fate has been around as an organization since roughly 2010-2011 time frame, when I brought together a bunch of my friends to play World of Warcraft together after getting tired of not being able to play with each other because we were in separate guilds for raiding. After quitting my raid guild, Semantics (, near the tail end of 2010 during ICC, I formed our guild from some of my RL friends who wanted to raid together. We were a fairly hardcore guild pushing into the top 10 for ICC 10 man, getting 11/12 hard modes down before the launch of Cataclysm. We never were able to finish Lich King HM because one of our top DPS (a feral druid and RL friend) was color blind and was unable to see the void puddles, so he would always wipe us. However, since we were RL friends first, we never felt right replacing him. This was before Blizzard added projected textures to help with color blindness.


We raided together until Mists of Pandaria in 2012 when most of the guild stopped playing World of Warcraft. We carried the guild forward, in a small part, into other MMORPGs, such as Warhammer Online and RIFT, before I (Aggelos) was invited into the then completely NDA Alpha test for The Elder Scrolls Online. Being a lover of TES, I immediately planned an ESO chapter for the guild and tried my hand at podcasting about the game, which I have been doing for over 5 years now. We just recently released Episode 184 where I was flown over to London, England, to interview Inon Zur, the composer for Fallout 76 and TES: Blades, as well as getting to see the Bethesda Game Studios orchestral concert. The ESO guild chapter is still going with weekly events, even as many members have gone into hibernation after the launch of Morrowind Chapter while they wait on other games. After hearing about Ashes of Creation back in December 2016, we started planning to do a podcast for that game as the mechanics of the MMORPG interested many in our guild, and we launched the first AoC dedicated podcast back in May 3rd 2017 with an interview of Steven Sharif.



Our guild has always been community first, growing into several hundred members who have enjoyed our shows and the desire to play together. Being mostly working adults, we take a fairly laid back approach to guild activities with people putting in what they want to get out of the guild. You can be casual or hardcore and will be rewarded accordingly.


We segregate our guild events into casual - hardcore rankings, so our members know what kind of event they are getting into and build our rosters accordingly. Our events are very structured to accommodate our guildies’ work schedules and family time, allowing our people to pick and choose which events work best for them. Being an international community, we have many members in both the EU and OCE, as well as our NA times.



- Guilded App - Reminder



In the announcements section of our discord server, you will see this link to sign up for an app called Guilded. Please click this link and add this app to your portfolio. This will give you a great opportunity to check what’s going on in the guild, if you don’t have time to read back on all the chat in discord that you missed. In Guilded, we have a place where we can post discussion questions, events on a calendar, important documents or media, and even stream links.

Our calendar has already been set up there. Events listed right now include when this newsletter is being published, the next game night and movie night, and the guild meetings. The game to be played will be listed, as is the movie selected for movie night. This calendar also gives you the ability to RSVP to any event, so the organizers can know how many are coming. Other events can be added, such as D&D nights, etc.

So please take the time to follow the link and sign up on the app. It will benefit you and the guild for us to be able to use this great tool to make sure everyone is kept up-to-date on guild issues and activities.


Tech Corner


The Power of PC Gaming in the Palm of Your Hands, by DerRoc
Technology is changing everyday, and with VR & Augmented Reality on the horizon, there’s a lot to be excited about. But it’s important to not overlook the amazing technologies we have today in the here and now.


Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a technology that offers the user the ability to remotely access files, applications, and even screen sharing on a computer/mobile device from another device. Traditionally, this service is used by tech support reps that help fix your computer when it’s broken, but it is also available to help users with everyday tasks:

  • File Sharing: Allowing you to quickly access pictures on your phone from your computer

  • Remote Control: Using your phone to turn on your house lights connected through a computer

  • Game Streaming: Broadcasting an application on your computer (ie. video game) to another device over a wireless connection

RDP is possible because both the “host” computer and “client” computer have the same software installed to create a connection between the two devices.

Steam In-Home Streaming
An example of an RDP service is Steam In-Home Streaming that allows you to remote play games over your home network. It is available on all Windows/Mac/Linux computers with Steam installed. When you are logged into the same Steam profile on two computers, you will see an option to “STREAM” when selecting a game in your library that is already installed on the other computer. Clicking this will remote launch the selected application and allow you to play the game.


This can be useful for laptops that aren’t powerful enough to play the game. The “host” computer does all the work, then streams the final product to your laptop. Latency is often not even an issue because most WiFi routers offer high in-home connection speeds. Stream is also not limited to only Steam games available in your Library, but ANY application installed on the “host” computer. Just click the “ADD A GAME” link under your list of games (on “host”) and select the application you want to use.
*Using this service does NOT use you internet and can be used even if you don’t have internet (and are using Steam in offline-mode).


Streaming Advanced Settings
There are some available settings you can change to help improve your streaming experience. In Steam, click the “Steam” menu dropdown and click Settings. Remember to disable “Family View” or Setting will be hidden.


Use the following steps to view/modify your settings:

  1. Select “In-Home Streaming” on the left navigation pane and review the available options.

  2. On the “host” computer:

    1. Consider checking “Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU” if you have a newer card

    2. Check “Enable hardware encoding” and select your graphics card

    3. Check “Prioritize network traffic” if you have a newer router

  3. On the “client” computer, adjust between the 3 ‘Client options:’ to determine which option gives you the best experience (will depend on your network router).

  4. On the “client” computer, consider lowering your ‘Limit resolution to’ option. This will have less of an impact on your quality when you’re streaming to a smaller screen.

Steam Link (BETA)
Steam also has a mobile Android app for streaming your computer games to your phone and tablet. While it only works while on the same network, it allows you to play PC quality games on a mobile device. You can even bluetooth a Steam, MOGA, or PS4 controller to your device and use the same Controller Configuration you have setup on your computer.

Download the App Today!



Closing Thoughts
It’s an amazing time we live in and remote streaming will only be getting better. NVIDIA is even working on a remote gaming service (GeForce NOW) that will let you play games using their “cloud” gaming servers, then stream the game to your computer over the internet (already available on NVIDIA Shield). While latency will always be there, this will become less of an issue with improving internet download speeds. I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or one of our reps on Discord and we’ll be sure to help get you the support you need.



This month there are many merry birthdays to be celebrated during the holiday season! If you get a chance, surprise these members with a greeting on their special day. If you have a December birthday, but don’t see yours here, that’s because you haven’t given the date to your representative yet.




Tort - December 1st

Passchendaele - December 2nd

David - December 6th

Mumen Rider (GhoulTheConductor) - December 6th

LesIsMor (Kessigré) - December 12th

Senlaros - December 15th

BurnPyro - December 17th

Holliday - December 25th

Anodin - December 25th



Drink of the Month


Coquito is a traditional coconut punch served at Christmas and New Year's celebrations in Puerto Rico.


The drink is similar to eggnog with rum but with the tropical element of coconut and no eggs.

  • Total: 70 mins

  • Prep: 10 mins

  • Mix and Let Sit: 60 mins

  • Yield: 5 to 6 servings


  • 1 (15-ounce) can cream of coconut

  • 1 (14-ounce) can coconut milk

  • 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

  • 1 (12-ounce) can evaporated milk

  • 1 cup white rum - Bacardi Coco or Don Q Coco is best!
    *optional* (or use less if you like)

  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves *optional*

  • Garnish: cinnamon or cinnamon stick

Culinary Column


If you are anything like me, when you played through Zelda: Breath of the Wild, your Link sustained himself on nothing more than large quantities of Simmered Fruit.  Easy to farm, quick to make - an apple and a mushroom, an apple and a radish, those heart-lifting bowls of simmered fruit always helped me out in a pinch. Due to my fondness for that game and the mass quantities I made, I wanted to recreate the dish - in my own way.  Here, I introduce you to “Frozen Simmered Fruit,” a fabulous topping to cakes, puddings, custards, or as a snacking fruit on any holiday table. Bowls of these bright colored gems are perfect for any season and can be changed around with what’s the freshest! I hope when you take a bite of these, you hear Epona’s Song playing softly in the distance!


► Recipe

Any Fresh Fruit

Equal Parts Water and Sugar

(1 cup water to 1 cup sugar, or in higher quantities if doing larger batches)


  • Bring simple syrup to a boil, let simmer for 5-10 minutes, or until all sugar has dissolved into the water.

  • Remove syrup from heat, and let sit for 15 minutes to cool.

  • Pour over fruits.  Softer more delicate fruits may need a cooler temperature while more durable fruits can withstand a hotter temperature.  If you need it cooler, wait a little longer.

  • Let fruit soak in warm liquid on the counter for a few hours, then pop in the fridge for overnight.

  • The following day, remove fruit gently from syrup.

  • Lay out fruit on parchment, or on wire racks and allow to air dry for 1-2 hours.

  • Roll in granulated sugar.

  • Let air dry for another 1-2 hours.

  • Roll in granulated sugar a second time.


Serve, or refrigerate and serve later!  If you refrigerate, place a bowl of rice under the Saran Wrap to absorb any moisture.

Berries work best for the frosted look, but all fruits will work candied this way.  Don’t think you’ve ever had simmered fruit before? Think again! Every canned fruit you’ve ever enjoyed is a form of a simmered fruit!  This is just a way to homemake it in a really nice way.

Alternative Options
Simple Syrup - You can boil down fruit juice. If you do it this way, use true fruit juice (not concentrates or cocktails) and boil juice by half, then follow same steps.Spiced - You can add any flavorings to the simple syrup to add more volume to your dish. Add vanilla for warmth, add peppercorn for spice, add star anise for exotic flavors.Alcohol - The simple syrup made with brandy/rum/tequila is another fabulous alternative. If you do it with alcohol, use more sugar (about a 1:1.5 ration, alcohol to sugar). Unless the alcohol is sugary like a Sambuca, then stick to the original ratio.




By: Medieval Miss and Kumary

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